Dating for stroke victims

dating for stroke victims

Can a stroke affect your sex drive?

If the stroke occurs in the left brain, the survivor may be more depressed, which can also affect desire. It’s possible (but rare) that a stroke can increase sex drive and even cause the survivor to become hypersexual and have an inappropriate approach to sex.

How do I find someones details after a stroke?

You can find their details by contacting the Stroke Helpline, social services, your GP, or the hospital where the person you are caring for was treated after their stroke. Many carers can feel socially isolated.

How can I communicate with other people who have had a stroke?

The three main forms of communication here are the Stroke Chat Room, stroke forums, and the stroke social network. HealthfulChat understands that although having a stroke can completely change your lifestyle, it does not have to hinder you from living.

What to say to a stroke survivor?

If you’re wondering what to say to a stroke survivor, or how to cheer up a stroke survivor, start with that very word: survivor. The term ‘ stroke victim ‘ is often perceived as a negative label. It’s much better to use the word ‘ stroke survivor ’ or even ‘ stroke warrior ’ – because that’s what these individuals are!

How does a stroke affect your sex life?

Strokes that affect the hypothalamus, an area of the brain involved in the control of sexual hormones, can also affect a persons sexual drive. 6  In some rare instances, a stroke can also cause increased sexuality or unusual and inappropriately explicit sexual behavior. 7 

How can I improve my sex life after a stroke?

Sex therapy can be one of the most effective ways to improve sexual issues after stroke. Other approaches and strategies include: 8 Tell your healthcare provider and/or pharmacist so that they can decide whether it is possible to change medications in your regimen, which could be affecting your sexual drive.

Can stroke cause erectile dysfunction in men?

Sexual Function After a Stroke. By itself, stroke is almost never a direct cause of sexual dysfunction. Studies show that there appears to be a temporary time of adaptation after the stroke in which sex life is halted. For instance, one study found that 80% of men who report erectile dysfunction after stroke regained function a few months later.

Does extramarital sex increase the risk of stroke-related death?

It has also been noted that extramarital sexual activity increases the risk of stroke-related death. Whether this is due to an increased stroke rate associated with emotional or psychological factors related to extramarital sexual activity, or to a reluctance to call for urgent medical attention is not clear.  

Being able to speak again is particularly important for a lot of people. But even if you don’t recover completely, there are many ways to communicate that don’t rely on speaking. Lots of stroke survivors continue to live full and happy lives, even though they still have problems with communication. Are there treatments that can help?

What can I do to support a stroke survivor?

Encourage the stroke survivor to fully scan (turn their head from side to side to see) their surroundings to compensate for any loss in their field of vision or left-side neglect. Acknowledge the affected part of their body as still part of the stroke survivor.

What are the best quotes for stroke survivors?

Download our free ebook by clicking here (link opens a pop up for uninterrupted reading) Here are our top stroke survivor quotes: “The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” What you do daily is what matters. Your brain responds to consistent stimulation.

How to overcome shame after stroke?

That’s why we’ve written about how to overcome shame after stroke. When you offer words of encouragement for stroke survivors, fill them with love. Daily rehab can be time-consuming and frustrating, but it will help stroke survivors get as close to a full recovery from stroke as possible!

What should I do if a stroke survivor loses their vision?

All items that have the potential to be dangerous (like poisons, cleaning chemicals, and sharp objects) should be kept in a secured place. Encourage the stroke survivor to fully scan (turn their head from side to side to see) their surroundings to compensate for any loss in their field of vision or left-side neglect.

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