How do i hook up ring doorbell

how do i hook up ring doorbell

How do I connect My Ring doorbell to my Wi-Fi?

When there is a spinning white light on the front of your Ring Video Doorbell, tap the “Continue” button in your Ring app. iOS: Tap “Join” when the Ring app asks to join the Ring Wi-Fi network. Android: Your device should automatically connect to the Ring Wi-Fi network.

How does a Ring Video Doorbell work?

How a Ring Video Doorbell Works All Ring Doorbell models connect to your home Wi-Fi network once mounted and send alerts when motion is detected or when someone presses the button on the doorbell. Some Ring devices can be wired to a power source, like a regular doorbell.

What do you need to install a Ring doorbell?

The various Ring Video Doorbell kits come with everything you need to install the device, although you may need a drill and tools for removing your existing doorbell. To install a Ring doorbell, youll need a wireless router running 802.11 B, G, or N on 2.4 GHz. Use the included screws to secure it to your wall.

How do you tighten the back of a Ring doorbell?

Line up the tabs from the mounting bracket to the slots on the back of your Ring Video Doorbell. Dont be afraid to use a little force. Use the included security screwdriver to tighten the two security screws to the bottom of the Ring Video Doorbell.

How do I change the Wi-Fi network on my Ring doorbell?

Here’s how to change the Wi-Fi network on your Ring Doorbell. Your Ring Doorbell device’s first Wi-Fi experience actually won’t be connecting to your home network. When you start setting it up, it first enters the Setup Mode, prompting you to download the app onto your smart device to move forward.

How do I connect My Ring doorbell to my iPhone/iPad?

This step will connect your device to your home’s WiFi network (your iPhone/iPad will have to be connected via WiFi), so please make sure that your Network is secure and password protected. After you have located the name of your home’s WiFi network, tap on it and then select Connect to confirm that you want to reconnect your Ring Doorbell.

What do I do if my Ring doorbell is not connecting?

What to do with a Ring Doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi? – check your connection and make sure the device is powered. If these don’t work, reboot your router, perform distance tests, or hard reset the Ring Doorbell. Connectivity is a simple issue to fix.

How do I reconnect my doorbell or security camera to WiFi?

Select doorbell or security camera you need to reconnect to wifi—the next screen should be the Device Dashboard Remember that wifi passwords are case sensitive. If you dont know your wifi password, it might be printed on the bottom or side of your router.

How to remove a stripped screw from a Ring doorbell?

If a screw got stripped on your doorbell, then you can remove it by typing a rubber band around the screw and using steel wool to hopefully pull it out. If you got a new Ring doorbell, then you are proably wondering what you can do about this situation and what it means about your doorbell. So, let’s talk about it.

How do I Reset my Ring Video Doorbell?

How to reset your Video Doorbell depends on which model you have. You can find out what model you have in the Ring app. You can also buy a replacement screwdriver to remove the security screw if you need one, by purchasing the Spare Parts for your Video Doorbell model.

Do you need to install a Ring doorbell with screws?

Though you traditionally would need to install a Ring doorbell with screws, the truth is that you no longer need to screw it in. There are other installation methods out there, including some that allow you to “glue” your doorbell into place. With that said, screws are still the most common way to install your doorbell.

How do I change the faceplate on my Ring doorbell?

This is something you will need to do if you want to swap out the faceplate for a different color or if your Ring Doorbell requires you to take out the battery for charging. As long as you have the provided Ring screwdriver to remove the security screw at the bottom of the faceplate, you’ll be able to do it with no problem!

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