Epcor edmonton hookup

epcor edmonton hookup

How do I contact EPCOR in Alberta?

Emergencies. Power, Water, Drainage (EPCOR): (780) 412-4500. Natural Gas (ATCO Gas): (780) 420-5585. Customer service. Phone: 310-4300. Toll Free: 1-800-667-2345. Online: Submit our online form. Hours of Operation.

Where do I Send my EPCOR Bill?

Bill Payments. EPCOR. P.O. Box 500. Edmonton, AB T5J 3Y3. Correspondence. EPCOR. 2000-10423 101 Street NW.

Where can I find a list of retailers in Alberta?

For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).

How do I buy electricity in Alberta?

Choose your power In Alberta, you have the power to choose how you buy electricity. Typically, you have 2 options: you can sign up with a competitive retailer, like Encor by EPCOR, or you can choose to stay on the regulated rate option (RRO). Its up to you!

How do I contact EPCOR?

Contact us 24/7 . Phone: 1-800-383-0834 Email: mywater@epcor.com. Other contact information

Is EPCOR Energy Alberta regulated?

EPCOR Energy Alberta is one of several electric utility companies in Alberta regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). Others include ENMAX Power (owned by the City of Calgary in a similar manner as EPCOR is owned by Edmonton), Direct Energy Regulated Services, and AltaGas Utilities.

Can You Move my EPCOR service to another province?

We can move your EPCOR services if youre staying within Alberta. However, if youre moving outside of Alberta, youll have to find a new service provider.

Who is EPCOR owned by?

EPCOR History. EPCOR is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, and wholly owned by the City of Edmonton itself. It provides both regulated and on-contract electricity services to 600,000 small commercial and residential customers, including 323,000 residential and 35,000 commercial in Edmonton alone.

How do I buy energy in Alberta?

Choosing How You Buy Your Energy. Depending on where you live in Alberta, you typically have two options when buying electricity and natural gas. You can choose to stay on the regulated rate option or you can choose a competitive rate for your energy by signing a contract with a Competitive Retailer.

How can I get the lowest electricity rates in Alberta?

You can get the lowest electricity rates in Alberta by simply finding a plan that gives you access to fixed rates, flexible rates, a combination of both using structured blocks, or even a rate plan that combines your gas and electricity to get you discounted group rates and lessen the additional expenses (delivery fees, etc.).

How long does it take to get electricity and gas in Alberta?

In Alberta, you have options when buying electricity and natural gas. If you need to open a new account, a company offering the regulated rate option (RRO) can set up an account for you immediately, or even backdate if required. A competitive company can take from 10-90 days to set up services in your name.

How do I connect to electricity and natural gas in Alberta?

If youre a new customer (new to Alberta or moving into your first home) you may need to initially connect your electricity and natural gas services with the Regulated Retailers in your area depending on how soon you need services. To be sure, ask each retailer how long it will take for them to start billing you.

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