Ban matchmaking dota2

ban matchmaking dota2

Can you get banned for not playing Dota 2 anymore?

Users can be banned for that if they do it often enough. Users cannot be banned for account inactivity though. I know players who arent active in Dota 2 and havent played for years and have not been banned so like you said, dont deny it.

Can you get banned for repeated abandons in League of Legends?

Repeated abandons due to in-game AFKing, DCing, ragequitting, etc. can result in temporary to permanent matchmaking bans. Users can be banned for that if they do it often enough.

What is /r/dota2?

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Is Dota 2 getting rid of its naughtier players?

Audio player loading… Dota 2 is getting ready for the next ranked season, kicking off tomorrow, which also means getting rid of some of the games naughtier players. Valve announced that it would be banning people in various waves, which started yesterday.

How do you get banned for smurfing in Dota 2?

Enemy players can only be reported for Communications Abuse (if they used allchat) which may lead to a temporary comm ban if they get enough comm reports or for Cheating/MMR abuse, which again is simply checked against Dotas cheat detection algorithms. If the player flags for smurfing then they may receive a temporary boost to mmr gain.

Why was my registration to Dota2 Dev deleted?

Unfortunately your registration at Dota2 Dev did not meet our membership requirements. Therefore your registration was deleted. You don’t get an email stating that you are banned, you just get banned. Your machine is most likely compromised.

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