Bradley cooper dating suki waterhouse

bradley cooper dating suki waterhouse

Did Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse break up?

Find out why the couple of two years split Were finally getting some insight into why Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse broke up. Yesterday, E! News exclusively confirmed that the 23-year-old model and the 40-year-old actor had split after about two years of dating.

How long did Kate Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper date?

Bradley Cooper: 2013 – 2015 Perhaps the models most high-profile relationship, Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper dated for two years, attending multiple red carpet events and taking several overseas trips together. At the time, their age gap was a huge talking point-Waterhouse was 20 and Cooper was 37, meaning there were 17 years between them.

Is Suki Waterhouse shading Bradley Cooper in ‘Melrose meltdown’?

It’s been almost a decade since model Suki Waterhouse began dating Bradley Cooper at the tender age of 21 (and he was 38). She’s had time to process the breakup and what it meant to her at that formative time in her life, so she is now reportedly shading her ex in her ballad, “Melrose Meltdown.”

Did Bradley Cooper warn Robert Pattinson about Suki Waterhouse’s affair with Bradley Cooper?

When Suki was caught passionately making out with Robert Pattinson, 32, Bradley reached out to Robert with a warning, according to OK! magazine. “Bradley felt that Suki put a lot of pressure on him to help her make Hollywood connections [when they were together],” a source tells the publication.

What did Bradley Cooper warn rpatz about Suki Waterhouse?

Bradley Cooper reportedly warned RPatz about the dangers and ‘pressures’ that come with dating his ex! Bradley Cooper, 43, dated Suki Waterhouse, 26, from 2013 to 2015, and it sounds like it wasn’t that great of an experience for the Guardians of the Galaxy star.

Is Robert Pattison dating Suki Waterhouse?

10 Photos. Robert Pattison has found new love with Suki Waterhouse, but apparently not everyone’s happy for him. Bradley Cooper reportedly warned RPatz about the dangers and ‘pressures’ that come with dating his ex!

Are Suki Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper dating?

Around the same time that Suki Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper were an item, rumors about him dating his co-star Jennifer Lawrence started circulating. The actor refuted those reports, though, saying that he could literally be her father .

Why did Bradley Cooper and Suki Matsunaga break up?

The pair dated from 2013 to 2015 when she was 23 and he was 40. A source previously told E! News that the two broke up because Bradley wanted to start a family, while Suki wasnt ready yet.

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